A few notes regarding Inquiries

We receive many inquiries from customers every day, and are making every effort to address them promptly and in order; however, we often receive the same inquiries from different customers. In order to minimize the amount of waiting time for all customers, we ask that before submitting an inquiry, customers first review the following notes. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

1. Regarding responses to inquiries.

  • (1) We accept inquiries by email and over the internet at any time, however, responses will only be made during business hours.
    [ Regular business hours ] 8:30 - 17:30, JST

    Email received on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays in Japan will be addressed on the following business day.

  • (2) Our system is designed to address inquiries as quickly as possible, and as a rule, they will be addressed in the order received by our server.
  • (3) Please understand that in spite of the above, it may take extra time to address a given inquiry in some cases due to the content of the inquiry, the current volume or other circumstances.
  • (4) Email responses from us are intended for the individual submitting the inquiry only, and are not to be forwarded or distributed to other parties in whole or in part.

2. Regarding product proposals.

(1) New trade and business proposals for our products.
We do not accept new trade or local business proposals from individuals.

(2) New product proposals
At times, individuals express a desire to submit suggestions, requests for new products, technology, designs, manufacturing methods, etc. to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. However, we are regularly conducting independent research in various fields, and there is a chance that ideas, new products, technologies, designs, manufacturing methods, etc. not yet publicly announced but independently developed by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical may resemble those submitted by the customer.
Further, there is a chance that due to this, misunderstanding or dispute between Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and the customer may result. In order to minimize this sort of situation, as a general principle, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical does not accept such proposals. We ask your cooperation on this matter.

*Actually, for some exceptions, we do consider proposals from customers holding IP rights (design rights, patents, trademarks, etc.) issued through authorities in their respective countries.

Further, regardless of our policies (1) and (2) above, even if we accept a proposal, we do not make it a general policy to necessarily consider or evaluate the content. Also, for all proposals, please agree ahead of time to the following terms before submitting.
  1. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical accepts no responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of submitted proposals.
  2. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical accepts no responsibility to consider, evaluate or adopt a submitted proposal.
  3. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical accepts no responsibility to reply to any submitted proposal.
  4. Even in the event that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical adopts a submitted proposal, in whole or in part, as is or in similarity, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will accept no responsibility to award compensation to the submitter of the proposal.

3. Regarding sales of our products to individuals.

We have received inquiries from individuals having purchased our products in Japan or in our official sales region, who would then like to purchase our products in an area outside of Japan or our official sales region. However, we do not engage in sales directly to individuals. Please purchase our products from supermarkets, drugstores and other small retail outlets within our sales region. Further, regarding the use of our products outside of our official sales region, in the event that any problem arises, we are unable to respond, so please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for the products outside of the official sales region. With your agreement on the above points, we are ready to respond to your inquiries, with respect to your purchased product or otherwise.

*Official sales region - Including the sales regions of our local affiliates and regions to which we retail via sales agents through official export channels.

4. Regarding these reminders:

In order to best meet our customers' needs, from time-to-time additions or changes will be made to these notices. In these cases, the change date will always be recorded here.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.