Consumer Product Business

The Consumer Products Business delivers products that fulfill our "You Make a Wish and We Make it Happen" philosophy to customers in Japan and overseas.

New Market Market A(old market) Market B(old market) Market C(old market) Market D(old market) Creating New Markets Expanding Markets Captured High Market Share

  • Naicitol
    A Chinese herbal medicine that promotes the breakdown and metabolism of fat
  • Netsusama Sheet
    Netsusama Sheet is a cooling gel sheet that contains cooling beads
  • Breathcare
    An oral breath freshener capsule that refreshes the breath from the stomach
  • Ekitai Bluelet Okudake
    Ekitai Bluelet Okudake is a toilet bowl cleaner that is placed in the toilet tank lid sink

Earnings Trends

Net Sales

Net Sales

New Product Contribution Rate (initial year)

New Product Contribution Rate (initial year)

※We began applying the new income standard in 2020. For the purpose of comparison, previous figures have been converted to the new standards.

New Product Development and Cultivation

We are focusing on new product development that meets customer needs and are now delivering new products that generate new markets and strengthen our brand presence. The Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group has targeted a new product contribution rate (sales of new products as a percentage of total sales) of greater than 10% in the initial year, but in recent years results have fallen largely below the 10% mark. As a result, we have refocused our efforts on new product development by thoroughly debating whether new products fulfill the philosophy "You Make a Wish and We Make it Happen" for consumers.

We are also proactively rolling out advertising and sales promotion campaigns to encourage trial and repeat purchases in order to cultivate our newly launched products Share in Main Markets and establish a greater foothold in the marketplace.

Further Growth in Overseas Business

In our growing overseas business, we are aggressively investing in our core products of body warmers and cooling gel sheets for the forehead primarily in the United States, China and Southeast Asia in an effort to expand sales from the segment.