Procurement of Raw and Packing Materials

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group is seeking material suppliers from all over the world. Please send us your sales offers.

Our Group’s Basic Procurement Policy

  • (1)Equality and Fairness
    We provide all suppliers with equal opportunities and evaluate them in a fair manner.
  • (2)Legal and Social Norm Compliance
    We observe laws and social norms in prder to earn the cooperation and trust of our suppliers.
  • (3)Contribution to Society
    We bring benefits to communities through our purchasing activities. We work with our suppliers for better environmental protection.
  • (4)Stable Supply
    We ensure the procurement of materials in order to ensure the delivery of our products to our customers.
  • (5)Pursuit of QCD
    We always pursue the best combination of quality, cost, and delivery.

We are seeking suppliers of the following

Raw materials for medicinal drugs, cosmetic products, health food products, household goods, and other products; as well as packing materials.

How to send us your proposal

  • (1)Please use the "Entry Form" below to send your sales offer.
  • (2)We will reply to you within a month of our receipt of your proposal.
  • (3)We will use email or telephone as our method of communication with you.
  • (4)Please kindly understand that we may not reply depending on the content of your proposal.

How we handle your information

We will not use your information for any other purpose than to contact you.

*This page is designed for corporations, not general consumers.
(Please contact us through "Inquiry about Products" if you are a general consumer customer.)

*We are seeking proposals concerning raw or packing materials; we are not seeking proposals relating to final products.

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